Hey, Stone City!




We're excited to meet you. We're Something in the Water, and we're the excited new owners of the brewery at 275 Princess Street in Kingston you once knew and loved as Stone City. Let us fill you in a bit.


We're three peeps who set out in May to create really interesting and curious (you'll see this word a lot) adult beverages. We had barely opened our first brewery and taproom in Toronto's Liberty Village when we heard that Ron had put Stone City for sale. It piqued our interest, so we called him.


Long story short, we found a great brewery with amazing people that constantly turned out incredible beer and food. We were looking for more tanks to help us create lagers and more adventurous beers, and Stone fit the bill. So we took a chance and decided to make it our second location.


Here's what we really want you to know:


Everyone got a raise. We're Ontario Living Wage certified, because we feel everyone deserves to make a living. So the first thing we did was increase everyone's pay to get them on to Living Wage or higher.


Everyone stayed. You probably already know Bailey, and she's stayed on as our taproom manager. You might know Jason and Ruben, they made the beers before we bought Stone and they still make them now. Amira in the kitchen? Still here. All those tapmasters that got you drinks? Still here.


Your faves will return. We got all the recipes! *evil laugh* So that means you're going to start seeing some of your old Stone City faves return in our trademark cans. In fact, a certain winter fave is coming back very, very soon.


We have a 6 foot fish. No, we're serious. He'll start making appearances at the brewery, elsewhere in town, even other breweries. Yes, you can take pics with him.


So that's the gist of how Stone City became Something in the Water. We loved Stone too, and we adore our new home on Princess Street. We think you'll really dig the beer. So come on in, give us a try, and make us your new downtown beer home. We can't wait to greet you.