Rick Tanton


Head of Product


“You idiot, you drink it.” Fateful words uttered to Rick by a friend after he’d purchased Waterloo Dark for a party because it had a pig on the label. Thus began a love affair with beer that has now seen Rick enjoy well over 6,000 different brews, visit over 200 breweries, and for the past decade, brew his own at home. Rick was a judge at the ONHops Brew Off, has launched some of Canada’s largest beer brands as an advertising strategist, and holds two Ontario Beer Awards Gold and one Silver Medal, an ONHops Brew Off silver, and a World Beer Award. He lives in a former wedding dress shop with his sons Rhett, Preston, and very patient wife, Katie.

  • First Beer: Molson Export
  • Favourite Beer: Dogfish Head World Wide Stout
  • Favourite SITW Beer: Atlantic Kon-Tiki Painkiller
  • Favourite Style: Imperial Stout
  • Dream Collab: Monday Night or Fuller’s