Our Beer


Meet the beers you can expect to always find at Something in the Water, except those moments when you drink them faster than we expected.

Something in the Water Hazy Maitland IPASomething in the Water Lee River Blackberry VanillaSomething in the Water's Liberty's Farm-to-Glass PilsnerSomething in the Water Moonlight Beach LagerSomething in the Water Painted Lake Peach Crisp Berliner WeisseSomething in the Water Pancake Bay Sweet Brunch Stout



These beers show up once every year at the right time, and never stay past their welcome.

Something in the Water Grand River OktoberfestbierSomething in the Water Grotto Azzurra Blueberry Italian PilsnerSomething in the Water Kicking Horse West Coast IPASomething in the Water Lac Fleur de Lys Imperial SaisonSomething in the Water Longboat Pale AleSomething in the Water The Oise Summer AleSomething in the Water Uncharted IPASomething in the Water Yacht Rock Gose



If adults still got report cards we're pretty sure we'd rank well for "Plays well with others." Here's a few of the times we got to mix and mingle with friends.

Something in the Water Hazy Maitland IPA (SYML Edition)SITW x Stone City Kitchen Party Bumbleberry Pie SourSomething in the Water Raspberry Fields Forever Raspberry WheatSomething in the Water Spray Bow DIPASomething in the Water x Big Rock Wheatwave



A true playground for our team, these beers reflect small batch tests and experiments that arrived too soon to get their own can design. You'll often find at least one on tap at any given time.

Something in the Water Reservoir Series - 1 TSB Something in the Water Reservoir Series - 2 Scarpetta IPA Something in the Water Reservoir Series - 2 Tortuga IPA



These beers came and went, maybe never to come again. We love to experiment and play, but you never know when they may resurface.

Something in the Water Atlantic Kon-Tiki PainkillerSomething in the Water Black Waves Imperial StoutSomething in the Water Devil's Kettle Blood Red AleSomething in the Water Half Moon Pond Orange Red AleSomething in the Water Hazier Maitland Double IPASomething in the Water Lake Mindemoya Mango WitbierSomething in the Water Small's Pond Strawberry Rhubarb RadlerSomething in the Water Wolfe Island Common