Grace Bay Rum Cask Canadian Whisky

Something in the Water Brewing Co.

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Our first spirit is a collaboration with Niagara Falls Craft Distillers, now available at the LCBO.


What You’ll Love About It

The first thing to hit the nose is molasses from the rum barrels. The complexity deepens to include dry oak, stone fruits, vanilla, honeycomb, nutmeg, clove and the traditional spicy rye notes of Canadian whisky. Oak is central throughout with notes of white pepper and vanilla with the fatty sweetness of caramel, butterscotch, rich honey and tropical fruit.


How It's Made

We start with 100% Canadian Rye, oak barrel-aged for four years and finish it in Caribbean rum casks – draping the whisky with a curious cane syrup sweetness. Because every Canadian deserves a tropical retreat every now and then. Why should Canadian Whisky be any different?


Why Is It Called Grace Bay?

We wanted a body of water to reflect the flavours imparted by the Carribean rum casks that are home to this whisky for so many months. Rated the second best beach in world by Trip Advisor, Grace Bay beach in Turks & Caicos is second to none in the Western Hemisphere.


How To Enjoy It

Neat or on ice. It’s like sipping sunshine.


A Must Try For Any Whisky Lover

Aging this whisky in rum barrels brings a molasses-like sweetness to the fore that balances beautifully with the vanilla, oak, and spice notes of the whisky.