Black Waves Imperial Stout

Something in the Water Brewing Co.

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We're excited to bring forth our biggest beer yet, and one with a tremendous purpose: Black Waves Imperial Stout, brewed in collaboration with Black Luck Collective, a community group for Black Kingstonians.

What You'll Love About It

This is a big, bold bop of a beer. Coming in at a robust 10% ABV it's everything you want in a strong winter stout. It's our first collab with one of our Kingston staff's favourite organizations, Black Luck Collective, and a portion of the proceeds from every bottle and glass sold in both taprooms goes back to them to advance their stated mission: “Black Luck Collective is about inviting and the coming-together of new and seasoned Black Kingstonians to see, to know, that they are not isolated here and to uncover our dependable and visible community.”


How It's Made

With almost equal parts malt, water, effort, and perseverence. While the flavour denotes coffee, chocolate, and rich stone fruits, this beer contains nothing but water, malt, hops, and yeast.


How To Enjoy It

In your finest snifter at a balmy 15° Celsius.


Did You Know?

This beer was created entirely by the team at our Kingston brewery, and envisioned as a collaboration with Black Luck Collective from the outset. While it was originally going to be our contribution to the global Black is Beautiful collaboration, we wanted to make it even more meaningful to our friends at Black Luck Collective in Kingston by allowing them the opportunity to take the lead in name & design.