Chuckleberry Trading Co.

Chuckleberry Trading Co

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Chuckleberry Trading Company is owned by Stuart O’Hara & Charles Veysey, based out of Toronto’s west end. This company was born through friendship and the love of food, they are a company that can make or do anything they want, they try to say why not rather than no!

We all need to eat so why not eat like an angel, yes a Chuckleberry angel. Handcrafted, small-batch, and hand-labelled; every jar is filled by them and they stand behind what they do 100%.

They are here to make the world a more fun and tasty place. If you can't cook, don't worry Chuckleberry has got you covered! Our lineup of sauces even for a novice can turn any meal into an Instagram banger! For our more experienced cooks, it’s time to level up cause they are playing a different game with our lineup! From their Natural CB Sauce to their amazing Chimichurri they have something for every type of dish.