Grand River Oktoberfestbier

Something in the Water Brewing Co.

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Get your lederhosen on, grab your favourite stein and enjoy our curious take on a favourite. On brew day, our friends at Tavistock Hops pluck Hallertau hops from the vine and hustle them to the brewery, ensuring they get in the boil as quickly as possible after being harvested. We use traditional German malts, but in true Oktoberfest style, we make it Oom-pah pah big. Like, 6.9% and 19.2oz can big to be exact! Prost!


What You’ll Love About It

While it's big in ABV, this is an incredibly well balanced beer for the style with delicious malty sweetness, a great but gentle balancing hop bitterness, and the taste that can only come from lagering time. It's all the flavour you've ever wanted from a fall beer.


How It's Made

It's a unique combination of five malts, with authentic Pilsner, Vienna, and Munich malts leading the way. The hops are Ontario grown by Tavistock Hop Company, and were inside the beer in less than a day from being plucked - still in their whole cone form. Fermentation comes from our Munich-based house lager strain.


Why Is It Called Grand River?

We named our Oktoberfestbier after the Grand River that runs through Kitchener-Waterloo, home to Ontario's very own Oktoberfest.


How To Enjoy It

One litre at a time, at 4-7° Celsius.


Did You Know?

The process of using hops within 24 hours of harvest is known as "wet hopping", a process usually used in IPAs and pale ales. We believe the gentle, balanced bitterness of this malt-forward beer is from the use of fresh Ontario-grown whole cone hops.