Lake Superior Keto Lager

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We love beer. The carbs? Not-so-much. But instead of reaching for a seltzer or vodka soda, we reached for a different way of brewing beer. One that gave us big flavour with a fraction of the carbs.

Our Lake Superior Keto Lager is an unfiltered German lager hopped for refreshment with notes of tropical fruit and white wine grapes that finishes dry, and shockingly boasts only 4 grams of net carbs and 110 calories per can.

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    What You’ll Love About It

    If you're looking to reduce your calories or net carbs beer can be a hard choice. And typically your choice is between low-ABV, low-carb lagers or non-alcoholic brews that still tip the carb scales. This low-carb beer delivers full 5% beer flavour.

    How It's Made

    This lager features a combination of pilsner and Vienna malts with Nelson Sauvin and Hallertau Blanc hops. Expect sweet fruit, grapefruit, and white wine in an effervescent beer that finishes dry.

    How To Enjoy It

    At about 3° Celsius literally any time.

    Did You Know?

    While a Brut IPA - i.e. a dry session IPA - is a thing, a Brut Lager is a bit of a net new idea. We approached it the same way we did our IPA, by pulling bittering hops out and using exciting, flavourful hops later in the stage to pull out their aromas and flavours as best we could.