Lee River Blackberry Vanilla Sour Beer

Something in the Water Brewing Co.

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Introducing Lee River Blackberry Vanilla sour beer. A refreshingly different beer by anyone’s account and the first from Something in the Water Brewing Co.

What You'll Love About It

The smack of blackberry tartness meets the creamy sweetness of vanilla to bring an incredibly refreshing and balanced taste. The sweet sourness of this beer makes it drink more like a rosé than an ale and with only a few IBUs, it means that despite being a sour, it’s not offensive like the IPA you can still taste from last night.


How It's Made

This is a kettle sour. We begin mashing like a regular beer, then once the wort is cooled, we add some magical lactobacillus to make our once-sweet liquid nice and sour. This all happens in the kettle; hence – kettle sour. We add delicious blackberry purée from the fertile lands of Oregon before fermentation and then again after primary fermentation. What gives this curiously sour beer that hint of sweetness? We finish the beer with real Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Pods before transferring this flavour bomb to the brite tank for canning.


Why Is It Called Lee River?

We celebrate the bodies of water that connect us as people, and our beer is intended to connect us with friends and family. That’s why we name all our beers after our favourite bodies of water. It was on the shores of Lee River, Manitoba that our co-founder first discovered his own worship of water – and, of course, beer. As our first beer, it seemed fitting to name our flagship brew after the body of water where this journey first began.


How To Enjoy It

The easy drinking sweet sourness is perfect for those who are new-to-sours, or even, new-to-beer. Lee River Blackberry Vanilla is best enjoyed by that water and served in a glass at 7-8° Celsius.


RATED 88 / 100, The Globe & Mail (July 2021)