Liberty's Farm-to-Glass Pilsner

Something in the Water Brewing Co.

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568ml King Cans now available in the LCBO! Click here to find it near you, or ask your local LCBO to bring it in.


In 1838 the brewers of Plzeň in the Czech Republic dumped gallons of bad beer into the street and announced they would combine delicious local ingredients to create something better - the pilsner. It's why for our own pilsner we've sourced the freshest ingredients close to the brewery.


What You’ll Love About It

We like to call it a taste of terroir - a beer made up of ingredients found close to home. In fact, if you took the same recipe and made it in another city with ingredients close to there, it would likely taste very different. It's the spirit of the original Pilsner.


How It's Made

This 100% Ontario-made, farm-to-glass beer is brewed using malt from Mississippi Mills Malting Co in Pakenham, hops from Tavistock Hops in Perth, and our own house lager yeast.


Why Is It Called Liberty's Farm-to-Glass Pilsner?

It's an homage to our first home in Toronto's Liberty Village, where we opened the doors to our first brewery and taproom in May 2022.


How To Enjoy It

Literally any time you want a beer flavoured beer, at 5-8° Celsius.


Did You Know?

This beer has been granted the BrewON Gold level certification, celebrating beer that uses 100% hops from Ontario Hop Growers' Association member growers.