Pancake Bay Gingerbread Brunch Stout

Something in the Water Brewing Co.

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'Tis the season to introduce the first of our reserve release Pancake Bay Stouts - the same stout you know and love, but with a curious twist. You'll find this one gingerbread spice and everything nice - a pleasantly sweet, yet peppery stout with a warm gingerbread flavour.


What You’ll Love About It

It's still the "oats, coffee, maple syrup and sugar – everything that makes up a great pancake breakfast" beer, but we added a veritable plethora of gingerbread.

How It's Made

We combine five kinds of malts with flaked oats to create a full bodied stout, then add milk sugar to sweeten it. As it cools we steep this beer with locally-roasted freshly ground coffee. After fermentation we add gingerbread before packaging.


Why Is It Called Pancake Bay?

We named our Sweet Brunch Stout after Pancake Bay, a sandy stretch on Lake Superior’s eastern shore. It got its name from the Voyageurs, stout traders who appreciated sandy beaches – like the one at Pancake Bay – to protect their fragile birch bark canoes. Makes us thirsty and hungry thinking about all the paddling and portaging. Bet they could’ve used a proper pancake brunch once in a while.


How to Enjoy It

In your favourite chair, next to the fire, while the snow falls outside. In a fancy glass at 10° Celsius.