Pineapple Express Terpene IPA

Something in the Water Brewing Co.

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Pineapple Express can have two meanings. On one hand, it’s an atmospheric river from Hawaii that transports its moisture from the peaceful tropics to Canadian shores. But on the other, it means getting transported from the pressures and stress of the day to a place of relaxation. This beer showcases the Pineapple Express strain of Abstrax Hops Brew Gas, botanically-derived cannabis profiles that are entirely (unfortunately?) free of THC and CBD. They, along with three hops selected for their ability to match the dank pineapple of the terpenes, were supplied by our friends at Hops Connect Canada. They even helped mash-in and shovel the grain. We love those guys, man.


What You’ll Love About It

This beer showcases Abstrax Brew Gas Series' botanically derived cannabis profile terpenes. Don't worry - it's a mouthful, but all flavour - no THC or CBD here. When combined with Strata®, BRU-1, and Idaho 7 hops it brings that dank pineapple aroma and flavour IPA drinkers love so much.


How It's Made

Most of the life of this beer is that of a fairly traditional Hazy IPA utilizing hops selected specifically for their ability to deliver aromas and flavours of cannabis and pineapple. But once in the brite tank we add the terpenes to truly create that Pineapple Express flavour.


Why Is It Called Pineapple Express?

Solely because of the atmospheric river that flows from Hawaii to Western Canadian shores and absolutely nothing else.


How To Enjoy It

At 7-10° Celsius in a glass while relaxing in the dark and listening to Dark Side of the Moon on vinyl.


Did You Know?

You can turn The Wizard of Oz into a nouveau-art film? First, pour a Pineapple Express. Second, start Dark Side of the Moon as the MGM lion roars for the first time in The Wizard of Oz. Alan Parson says the synchronicity was unintentional but that dude ain't truthful.