Rocky Point Lime Lager

A traditionally made Mexican lager using Vienna malt and then finished with real lime zest.

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Our second LCBO release and conveniently sold in 355mL cans, so it stays nice and cold right to the end.


What You’ll Love About It

We use a special type of hops that provides a fresh lime aroma. This means a refreshing lager you don’t need to add lime to!


How It's Made

The base is a Vienna-style lager brewed very traditionally – Vienna and Munich malts with Hallertauer hops in the boil. After lagering, lime zest and Ekuanot hops are added for their aroma of lime, apple, and orange.


Why Is It Called Rocky Point?

Rocky Point is a sleepy coastal town on the Sea of Cortez. The kind of place you’re over-dressed in flip flops. Where the siestas are so lazy you can barely find the energy to put a lime in your beer. Don’t worry, we did it for you.

We’re happier than a seagull with a French fry to introduce this refreshing beer inspired by good times and tan lines.


How To Enjoy It

Drink it all day at the swim-up pool bar at 4-7° Celsius. With breaks of course.


Did You Know?

The original Mexican lagers came from German brewers, brewing based on the Vienna style lagers, with a richer, maltier flavour.