Small's Pond Strawberry Rhubarb Radler

Something in the Water Brewing Co.

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You know what would be nice right now? A refreshing dip down at the ol'swimming hole. Do swimming holes even exist anymore? Oh Great! We missed swimming holes! Not to worry. If refreshment is what you're after we've got a beer for you. A tart-forward, sweet as pie, Strawberry Rhubarb Radler named after one of Toronto's long lost swimming holes.


What You’ll Love About It

It truly is a light pale ale with subtle strawberry and tart rhubarb, perfectly suited for summer sips.


How It's Made

We made a 5% pale ale and then hit it with real rhubarb puree and strawberry juice until it was a gentle, subtle, not-too-sweet summer blend of juice and beer.


Why Is It Called Small's Pond?

Small's Pond was a pond located near Queen Street East and Kingston Road in Toronto, Canada that ran twelve feet deep, known for staying pristine and clean as an ice source for the city in the 1800s. It was drained and filled in 1935.


How To Enjoy It

At 6-7° Celsius near your favourite swimming hole.


Did You Know?

The first version of this beer wasbrewed on our home system before we opened. Unfortunately Rick misjudged the sugar amounts and every last bottle exploded in his dining room.