Something Light

100 calories and 4 grams of carbs per can. Save $12 on a case of 24.

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Looking for something light? You found it. Literally. Introducing the beer that will change all your preconceived notions of what a light beer can be. A beer that doesn't need a mountain on the side of its can to change colour to tell you it's cold. Just a humble, refreshing, crisp light lager with a curiously big citrus character and just 100 calories per can.


What You’ll Love About It

Some breweries use chemicals and oils to try and make their light beer taste like beer. This is all the same ingredients you love in your beer, with a touch of amber malts for character, and a subtle hopping for refreshment. No weird ingredients.


How It's Made

We brew a pilsner to 4%, hit it with a touch of Munich malt for colour and taste, and then hop it with citrus-forward hops.


How To Enjoy It

At about 3° Celsius whenever you could go for something light.


Did You Know?

This is our first release not named after a body of water. We just couldn't resist the pun.