The Avon Golden Ale

Something in the Water Brewing Co.

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When English pub owners noticed the trend towards light, crisp lagers back in the 1980s their ale brewers got to work creating the English equivalent: A golden-coloured ale - balanced and refreshing without sacrificing on flavour. This smooth ale presents biscuits on first sip making way for the sweetness of melon. A beer as jolly good at a cottage as it is your next trip down to the pub.


What You’ll Love About It

It's perfectly made for those seeking a refreshing summer beer that isn't as crisp and effervescent as a lager. Easy to drink, and low enough in ABV to enjoy more than one.


How It's Made

A blend of four malts combined with a single hop and an English ale yeast.


Why Is It Called The Avon?

Our Golden Ale is named after The Avon River - a stone's throw from the shores of Somerset where the first of its kind were brewed.


How To Enjoy It

At 10-12° Celsius with the sunglasses on under the summer sun.


Did You Know?

Often the thought of British ales brings us back to the 1800s - or earlier - but the British Golden Ale is one of the region's newest offerings, having appeared first in the mid-1980s.