Traynor Vineyard Cherry Bomb Light Red

Traynor Vineyard

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12.1% ABV, 750ml

Experience the unique flavors of a vegan Clarete wine, a one-of-a-kind find from the Traynor Vineyards winery in Prince Edward County, Ontario. This wine is a blend of 72% Chardonnay, 13% Cabernet Franc, and 15% Riesling, co-fermented on the skins to create a deliciously crushable light red.


Tasting notes

On the nose, this Clarete wine has aromas of candied cherry, rose petal, orange rind, and a hint of green tea. The palate is light and rich, with everything hitting you at once - acids, tannins, and flavours. It's almost like a super robust rose, and it's delicious.

Winemaker’s Notes

This Clarete wine is a one-of-a-kind find from our winery in Prince Edward County, Ontario. It's an ancient and traditional wine from Spain made by co-fermenting up to 35% red grapes with white grapes, fermented on the skins. It's made like an orange wine with an infusion of red grapes for some fruit and colour. It has a slightly prolonged maceration and appears more like a light red. We didn't expect this wine to turn out the way it did, but we love it. It has a slightly darker hue than expected, is almost ruby in colour, and has great intensity.


Food pairings

Grilled meats and vegetables
Light pasta and salads
Roasted poultry
Charcuterie boards
Spicy Asian cuisine
Aged cheeses


Serving suggestions

Best served chilled
Ideal temperature: 7-11°C