Wolfe Island Common

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This recipe was first brewed in 2021 to promote the launch of Wolfe Island Commons - an organization created to support a localized rural economy on Wolfe Island by deepening the bond between established and new island businesses as well as promoting local agriculture. It represents an intersection of arts and agriculture that we can really get behind. The beer is a California Common brewed with 100% Wolfe Island grown hops from Wolfe Island Hopyard.


What You’ll Love About It

A style made famous by the recently departed Anchor Brewing's Steam beer, this beer leads with maltiness but balances it with a peppery hop bite, combining the best of what you might expect from a lager inside of an ale.


How It's Made

The recipe, untouched from Stone City's days, combines eight malts for a ruby-brown visual presentation, and is balanced from three boil additions of Columbia hops from Wolfe Island Hopyard. Traditionally, a California Common - or Steam beer - differs through the use of a lagering yeast at ale temperatures.


Why Is It Called Wolfe Island Common?

Brewers call these beers a California Common (so we wouldn't get sued), which so happened to be similar to the name of to a new (in 2021) event venue on the Island called Wolfe Island Commons. Read more about them here.


How To Enjoy It

Close to art and nature, in a 16oz shaker pint glass, at 6-9° Celsius.


Did You Know?

When we first bought Stone City, the crew at Wolfe Island Hopyard were one of the first to reach out. Not just to showcase their hops, but also to insist that we brewed this beer again for the fall of 2023. How could we say no?