The Oise Summer Ale

Something in the Water Brewing Co.

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The Oise, pronounced "Wahz," is a river that crosses the border of Belgium and France. Like the river it's named for our new Summer Ale, or Grisette, finds its origins along the border of Belgium and France where it was originally brewed for and consumed by the miners of the region. It's a light in body, refreshing, low-alc ale, with a mild tartness similar to a gose but without the salt. Perfect for summer days or after a long day in the mines.


What You’ll Love About It

Made for the refreshment after a day's work, this beer combines everything you need for those end of summer workouts and work days: It's light in alcohol, it's full flavoured, and it's effervescent. A great combo to cut your thirst.


How It's Made

A blend of pilsner and wheat malts combine with three very unique types of hops: American Amarillo in the boil, and a dry hop using Gemini hops from Michigan and a special Centennial Hop Hash from Tavistock Hop Farms. It's all fermented with an authentic saison strain.


Why Is It Called The Oise?

To pay homage to the original grisette beers, likely brewed along the banks of The Oise in the past.


How To Enjoy It

Straight from the can at 4-7° Celsius, after a hard day's work.


Did You Know?

The Centennial Hop Hash here was a by-product of the pelletizing process at Tavistock Hop Co., and something they had historically thrown away. As cones are pulverized into pellets, something resembling a butter is left behind in the machine. This "hash" is carved away, and this year, sent to us to add a certain je ne sais quoi to our grisette.